We are excited to share this unforgettable character-building experience with you and your child.

Strong social and learning skills, teamwork, everlasting bonds, musical and personal growth, and self-confidence! Being a part of this team provides our children with a nurturing and responsive environment to discover, learn, grow, and realize their potential as they grow into adulthood.

It’s hard to believe that this VITAL piece of personal growth for our performers is NOT funded by our public school system. Participation in this program must be assessed by FAIR SHARES and the FUNDRAISING efforts of our students and our WBPEB Boosters-Which includes ALL OF YOU!



Being a Bobcat in the Performance Ensemble offers students the opportunity to practice discipline in their craft.



This Ensemble understands the value in teamwork and are dedicated to one another creating bonds that will last a lifetime.


Social and personal growth is a give in when you are a member of this family. These students become strong individuals and move on to strive for bigger and better things!

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